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Founded in 1987, Jiangsu Alcha Aluminium Group Co., Ltd. (“the Company” or “Alcha”) is an advanced manufacturing enterprise integrating new materials and precision machinery manufacturing, a provider of comprehensive solutions for various tyeps of heat transfer systems, and a provider of integrated clean technology solutions. The Company is headquartered in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, with a floor area of about 240,000 square meters, a building area of about 100,000 square meters, total assets of RMB 6 billion, and the registered capital of RMB 796 million. On August 21, 2007, the Company was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with the abbreviation of Alcha and the stock code of 002160.

RMB 796 Million
RMB 4.38 Million

National-level Enterprise Technology Center

CNAS Laboratory

National-level and Jiangsu provincial-level postdoctoral research stations

More than 40
More than 1,900
Founding time
Countries exported to
Nomber of employees
Registered capital
Operating income in 2020

Make continuous innovation to create greater value for customers

Continuous innovation is the embodiment of Alcha's life value, and we abide by our commitments to customers and are committed to providing high-quality products and services to create greater value for customers.

Become a world-renowned company

Provide comprehensive solutions for various types of heat transfer systems and integrated clean technology solutions, and become a world-renowned company in a leading position in the professional field through continuous innovation, capital operation, and technology research and development.

Customer First, Corporate Interests, Being Serious and Responsible, Pursuing Perfection

30 Years of trials and hardships
Based on technology
The future has come

After more than 30 years of intensive cultivation, Alcha has formed its core businesses including new materials, precision machinery manufacturing, medical and health business, and domestic and foreign trade, and gives full play to the advantage of business collaboration among the four major fields to further enhance its competitiveness and achieve sustainable and steady development of the Group.

The New Materials Business Division mainly provides such products as new aluminum alloy materials for heat transfer in automobiles and other industries, hydrophilic coatings/light aluminum foils for household air conditioners, new aluminum alloy materials for cooling systems, and various aluminum foils used in new energy power batteries, aluminum alloy hot-rolled billets/large flat ingots, aluminum alloy cast-rolled coils, aluminum alloy cold-rolled coils, aluminum alloy plates, strips and foils for decoration, coated aluminum foils for air conditioner radiators, aluminum foils for air conditioner radiators (plain aluminum foils), aluminum foils for automobile radiators, aluminum and aluminum alloy foils for containers, aluminum alloy plates, strips and foils for insulating glass, which are widely used in household/commercial air conditioning systems, automobile heat exchange systems, various basic materials of power batteries for new energy vehicles, cooling systems, power batteries for new energy vehicles, building construction, interior decoration, and other fields.

The Precision Machinery Manufacturing Business Division mainly provides such products as thin-wall precision radio-frequency welded tubes for automobiles, precision stamping parts, new energy battery shells (blade batteries), cores of various heat exchangers for passenger cars, and various heat exchangers for commercial vehicles and engineering machinery, which are widely used in internal combustion engine radiators, new energy vehicle batteries, automotive heat exchange systems, air conditioning systems, building construction, heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery markets, international markets, etc.

The Medical and Health Business Division provides the design, manufacturing, and construction of clean rooms, clean pipelines, water production equipment, process liquid distribution systems, clean materials, factory automation and intelligent systems, as well as GMP consulting and verification services, which are widely used in domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises, hospitals, biological laboratories, medical equipment, wine making, food and beverage, dairy industry, and other fields.

Based on the national-level enterprise technology center and the CNAS laboratory, the Group takes the national-level and Jiangsu provincial-level post-doctoral scientific research workstations and graduate workstations as platforms to carry out industry-university-research cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutions. The national, provincial and municipal projects undertaken by the Group have won many awards such as the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and the Provincial/Municipal Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and the scientific research level of the Group is in a leading position in the industry. The “Global" brand aluminum foil has been awarded the title of "China Brand-name Product", and the "ALCHA" brand aluminum foil is recognized by customers at home and abroad; hydrophilic coated aluminum foil, leading product of the Company, is the first domestic brand that is certified by all foreign-funded air conditioner companies; the special alloy material for heat exchangers of automobiles has been well received by parts suppliers of top international enterprises; the "Macroprocess" brand is a well-known brand in the medical clean engineering business field.

At present, Alcha has 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 8 subordinate companies, and 4 shareholding companies; the Group's business covers more than 40 countries and regions, and its technology, products and services have won high recognition and trust from customers; since its listing, the sales revenue has increased by 3 times, the net profit has increased by 5 times, the asset size has increased by 7 times, the net assets have increased by 10 times, and it has become an epitome of manufacturing companies pursuing the Chinese dream.

In the future, Alcha will continue to unswervingly follow the path of high-quality development, stick to the original aspiration, and move forward. On the basis of achieving refinement and excellence in its main business, Alcha will seek progress in stability, seek opportunities in change, and actively extend to the lower end of the industrial chain, continue to provide customers with diversified products and value-added services. Under the guidance of the ideas of continuous innovation and creating value for customers, Alcha will strive to become a leader in the industry, and move toward a world-renowned company with a steady pace.

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